This water project has been founded in honour of Dennis Bouva (1982-2007), an inspiring and beautiful human being who always sought for a better world.



Thanks to all the members of the DBF Foundation for their ongoing commitment, especially:


Joéline Ravao

Carole Rabemanantsoa

Annemarie Bouva

Bart Blaauw

Naina Marguerite

Baba Rakotondranaivo Lovaharivelo

José Rasamizafy

Randrianambinina Raoul Sileny

Marelle Bouva

Sara de Wit

This project would have been impossible without the generous financial and mental support from:


Protestante gemeente Westzaan

De Noorderkerk in Zaandam

Bonifatiuskerk in Zaandam

De Vrije Universiteit (Free University) Amsterdam

All personal donations from generous individuals

OZLO accountants, Oostzaan

Studio K, Amsterdam

The technical design and expertise of social enterprise Bushproof - who designed the Canzee hand pump - has been indispensable. It has been a great joy to work with the technical team over the years. Special thanks go to: Samson Armand and José Randriarimanana Ratoson.


Special thanks to the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography (SAME) at Oxford University for rewarding this project with a Special Impact Grant, which was used for the construction and translation of this website.


Also thanks to Dr. Sandra Evers (Madagascar expert, Free University) for her expertise and insipirational teaching.

Research and analysis: Carole Rabemanantsoa and Sara de Wit

Website design and photography: Coen Dijkstra (mail)

Text website: Sara de Wit and Carole Rabemanantsoa

French and Malagasy translation: Carole Rabemanantsoa

English translation: Sara de Wit

Evaluation research: Caroline Seagle


Do you have any questions or remarks? Please contact us via e-mail.